Sunday, July 03, 2005

Linux 2.6 kernel modeled in UML 2.0

The Software Revolution has created a complete, detailed model of the 2.6 Linux kernel using UML 2.0 (unified modeling language). The model comprises interlinked scalable vector graphics and text documents modeling all major subsystems of the kernel, including all source code fields and functions.

The Software Revolution says its Linux kernel model is the most complete and detailed model yet made of the Linux kernel, and that it meets or exceeds the requirements for UML 2.0.

The Software Revolution's Linux model uses scalable vector graphics (SVG) for control flow graphs, structure charts, state machines, action diagrams, data element tables, call charts, complexity metrics, business rules, decision tables, and data elements. The graphics contain hyperlinks to related lines and functions in the source code listings. The source listings are also heavily indexed and cross-linked.